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Improve your retention through tipping

Improve your retention through tipping

How can you increase employee retention through tipping?
Well, this should be pretty self-explanatory. Tipping is used world-wide as an efficient way to provide service workers with performance-dependent rewards and to motivate them to deliver better service.
A motivated and well-rewarded team, after all, is a happy one.
We’ve all worked along side someone in hospitality that is unwilling to go the extra mile. This is often because they don’t feel they are sufficiently compensated for the work they are doing and often leads to a decrease in customer satisfaction and dissonance amongst staff. 
Encouraging a better tipping culture within your business doesn’t only increase your employee retention. It increases your top-line sales and provides a bullet-proof reason for your teams to be more enthusiastic in their roles and duties.
With TiPJAR®,  you can reap the rewards of a highly motivated and well-remunerated team and drive your businesses performance to its full potential. By increasing your productivity, you are able to drive your top line sales and improve team harmony. Your employees will stay with you for longer and when the time comes, you will be able to recruit the best quality team.
TiPJAR’s transparent system enables you to link employee pay with employee performance and reward excellent customer service. You will be able to identify the key drivers of your business by seeing who is bringing in the most amount of tips on any given shift.
By using our cashless tipping solution, your team will be able to focus on the customer experience, providing a better, higher quality service and you will, in-turn, improve both your employee and sales retention.

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