Food Delivery Boom

Food Delivery Boom

Traditionally if you spotted a courier whizzing through town, you might expect the precious cargo on board to be urgent paperwork, legal documents or perhaps some crucial plans for a development meeting. Now, that package is more likely to be a Pad Thai, a Gourmet Vegan Burger, Burritos or even a Hawaiian poke bowl.

As working habits have changed, technology has advanced and consumer palettes become more open to world cuisines and adventurous flavours, the gourmet takeaway sector has exploded in popularity with brands like Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat all household names.

Deliveroo was estimated to hit six million UK customers before the end of 2018 and works with over 15, 000 British restaurants and saw 600% revenue growth in 2016 followed up by a further 116% growth in 2017. Just Eat meanwhile, boasts just shy of 500, 000 app users and the numbers only continue to grow as over 25% of Brits order takeaway food once a week.

Whilst we acknowledge that these delivery apps allow for the driver to be tipped, we think the request to tip comes too premature in the process, and before you commit to giving someone a tip, ensuring that the food is warm, still in its container and your driver has found your door without buzzing your neighbours at 10.30pm on a Wednesday evening. Over and above this I am not actually sure how much of the tip goes to the driver and if any of the money is kept by either the company or the restuarant staff who made and served the food.

TipJar provides a solution to this, we give the restaurant and or the driver to affix their unique code to delivery packaging, giving the customer the chance to tip based on service quality and the understanding and assurance as to who their tip goes to.

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Consumers demanded more convenience, greater choice and easier ordering processes and the market has duly, and quite literally, delivered. Such punchy numbers and exponential growth however, are not without their public controversies and brands such as Deliveroo continue to deal with stories of staff exploitation, the emergence of ‘dark kitchens’ and public health issues such as obesity linked to poor diet and the consumption of fast food.

Home delivery of course, is not going anywhere. Or more accurately it will continue to go everywhere.

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