The Queen joins the Tipping Revolution

The Queen joins the Tipping Revolution

We’ve reached a tipping point, and the Queen agrees

In the 14th October Queen’s speech it was announced that hospitality businesses are going to be forced to transparently hand over all tips to the hard-working staff that earn them. Currently restaurants, pubs, cafes & any other establishments that accept tips voluntarily follow a code of practice… (in reality, they’re more like guidelines) around passing tips or service fees onto their workers, but don’t actually have any legal obligation to do so. We know from many media reports, whistleblowers and recent twitter storms there are large and well known restaurants businesses not managing their tips in a fair and transparent manner.

At TiPJAR we could not be more delighted by the news.


We exist to be 100% transparent, ensure that staff are get their tips and help take the pressure of complicated operational logistics out of the hands of businesses

With the announcement of this legislation we stand ready to help businesses take a step back and empower their staff to take control of their credit card tip pool and give their customers the confidence that 100% of the money will go to the staff.

We currently live in Red’s True BBQ, Troubadour, The Plough Harborne & we are excited to soon announce our presence across 2 other restaurant chains.  If you’re keen on joining the tipping revolution and adding more transparency and simplicity to your restaurant business, sign up here!

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