‘Non-Cash’ Tipping in Hospitality – The Staff and Customer View

Non-Cash Tipping In Hospitality

The customer and staff view report

Tipping and the thoughts/legislation surrounding tipping in the UK has always been a talking point for our industry. At TiPJAR, we wanted to know facts about how people really feel about the levels of transparency and fairness surrounding the issue. This is why we commissioned leading hospitality data specialists at KAM to carry out a survey with over 750 individuals to find out what the real consensus surrounding tips out there is.

of staff worry about not getting their fair share of 'non-cash' tips

The survey of 500 customers and 250 hospitality staff shows a concerning lack of trust in contactless tipping in the hospitality industry with the majority of staff (84%) worrying they are not getting their fair share of credit/debit card tips and service charges. In addition, their concerns are likely exacerbated through experiencing malpractice with findings revealing two thirds (66%) of staff say they have knowingly had tips held back or had deductions taken from their tips, with almost three quarters (74%) of them claiming that they were never told the reasons for this.

Lack of transparency is clearly an issue. With many workers relying on tipping to top up their income the government has unveiled plans to overhaul tipping practices. Also, with HMRC having recently changed their guidance it suggests they will start cracking down on businesses that don’t give 100% of tips to staff.
Tipping fairness plays a significant role in influencing job retention, with 88% of staff saying that the fairness of the tip process influences where they work and how long they stay in a role. The industry is already facing huge labour shortages so staff retention should be top of mind.

Staff aren’t the only ones confused about cashless tips. In fact, 2 in 3 consumers don’t understand where tips go despite a large majority (87%) expressing concerns for where their card tips or service charges end up. Providing this transparency could increase tips as 43% of consumers say that knowing their tip goes directly to the staff would prompt them to leave one. Providing fairer tips could also improve footfall for businesses with 1 in 2 customers being more likely to visit a venue if they knew ‘non-cash’ tips were being shared fairly.

In today’s cashless society, although more convenient, tips fall into a ‘black hole’ where staff simply have to trust that it has been fairly calculated by the time it appears on their pay slips at the end of the month. Both staff and customers really have no transparency or understanding of how tips are handled.

Our research has shown strong sentiments that a fairer, more transparent tipping process will not only alleviate feelings of mistrust but improve satisfaction and retention for staff. TiPJAR was built to enable workers to have total ownership of their tips, so that when a customer decides to leave a tip – it goes directly to staff and doesn’t touch the business.

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Gratuity in Aviation – Everything You Need To Know About Tipping

Aviation tipping etiquette; private jets, commercial airlines & airports

Tickets ready, bags packed, pre-flight refreshments consumed. A quick flight into mainland Europe or a huge long-haul across the world, the journey is often something to savour. 

It is well known that products on aeroplanes are bumped up – necessity is the mother of inflated prices. It’s little wonder then that many people don’t often bat an eyelid about tipping – but our journeys are supported by servers, bar staff, cabin crew, pilots, check-in assistants and many more.

Whether you’re about to go into business class or crammed into economy/coach, or even chartering a private jet, gratuity in aviation and in airports can seem slightly tricky, but we’ve got you covered. 

Can you tip in flight, and if so, how much?

Of course, it’s not a crime to show appreciation to dedicated professionals who make a difference to your experience.

However, there’s never been a set of guidelines on how, when, or an amount to tip those in aviation. In fact, tipping on commercial airlines isn’t wholly accepted. Private chartered flights is a different story.

A Quick Guide

Tipping on a private jet

Tipping on private chartered flights is welcome but not expected. In some cases, company policy is to turn down gratuity. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you wish to tip crew or pilots, and it’s up to the professional to decide whether they would like to accept your gratuity, or politely decline.

In the private jet sector, passengers are known from time to time to arrange for some form of gift to show their appreciation of the flight deck and cabin crew. 

David Pitt at News From The Ramp and Charter Sales Manager told us, “I’ve seen flight deck crew receive a wide variety of gifts as a thank you for their great customer care. Gratuity has varied from £50 cash, flowers, and even concert tickets and backstage passes.” Oh, the perks of flying bands and artists around!

Forbes also covered the private jet tipping etiquette with a great piece, hearing from other professionals in the industry covering the topic of gratuity. They spoke to Andrew Flaxman, a former business jet pilot who founded jet card broker ExpertJet. Andrew questioned, “Why is it that yacht crews, taxi and limo drivers, as well as anyone in the hotel service industry, may get a tip, but flight crew often neglected?

Our answer to Andrew’s observation is that clients and customers just don’t have the knowledge or ease of tipping their crew or the pilot. This is where a virtual tip jar like TiPJAR® can help to shift flyers’ thinking on tipping in aviation and not be afraid or unsure on whether to tip or not.

Forbes also spoke to Adam Twidell, a former private jet pilot and the co-founder of PrivateFly. “Do people tip? Yes, however, much more in the US than in Europe.” To the question, is tipping expected, he replies, “Not really in the US, and absolutely not in Europe, but it is always very much appreciated.

There seems to be inconsistency and a stigma around tipping cabin crew, but a consistency in the answer to whether receiving tips in aviation is appreciated. Yes it is appreciated.

Commercial flight gratuity giving

The speed of transactions on a flight depends on the nature of your journey. Travel from London to Spain and you will be asked once, if you’re lucky, whether you would like anything – snacks, drinks, sandwiches, duty free etc.

Tipping on a commercial flight is not an accepted custom. Some airlines actively refuse tips from passengers for their staff. It can be a little confusing, and it’s not as easy as asking the flight attendant to round up your bill before you tap your card or hand over your cash.

While the acceptance of tips on board is a little confusing, it may be worth you exploring the option of TiPJAR® with them. That way you can scan their QR code and ping them some money instantly and securely to their TiPJAR account. If a cashless tip isn’t quite what you had in mind, then why not send an email, give them a shout out on social, or gift them chocolates.

Ultimately, just like with private flights, it is up to you whether you tip, and the professional whether they accept your gratuity or politely decline.

Tipping at the airport

Duty-free beverages and the customary Instagram pictures of your pre-flight meal, it’s all part of any trip away. There are many moving parts at an airport, and tipping comes into practice in some areas more than others. 

For many flyers, the need for wheelchair support, help with bags, and ground transfers within the airport may be necessary. These tasks are carried out often by willing, awesome volunteers from across the airport who are assigned to help ensure your visit to the airport is super easy. Tipping in these situations is almost exclusively cash based (unless you have a virtual tipping account), and means you will need to part with your money that way – hopefully you have the right currency to hand! It’s also worth remembering they will not have cash on them to change up. 

Tipping airline staff may be tricky and hard to manage, but airport staff are in a different jurisdiction, they’re service staff, they’re much easier to show appreciation to.

Airport staff in North America, where tipping is often supplementary to someone’s wages, are welcoming of tips. In many server jobs in the United States, waiting staff, concierges, and other helpful employees will often take a pay cut to secure a job at an airport, because the tips can tend to be a little more fruitful. 

This is in the main down to the positivity of holiday travellers before they board their flight. Asked to arrive at the airport hours before their flight leaves, we have nothing better to do than sit, eat, drink, and chat with fellow travellers. This is, of course, why we are sometimes a little less frugal with our money in these scenarios. 

When it comes to airport restaurants, there’s no need to approach it differently. Whether you’re at a small, family-run restaurant or a chain, we always look to our server as the shining light. An airport server will almost certainly be working unkind shifts – an airport is a 24/7 conveyor belt of people from all over the world. 

To support their role, airport staff may learn new languages, understand how to communicate with people from all walks of life, and still manage to hold it together during the busy times and long night shifts. 

Tipping is an easy calculation when you receive your bill from an airport restaurant, but make sure to read your receipt before leaving any money. Airports often add service charges to the bill and will sometimes leave you paying an extra 20% or more. This is an opportunity to refuse the general tip on the bill, and choose to personally tip your waiter/waitress through a virtual tipping app – keeping that tip for themselves will certainly be appreciated by the staff member.

Where do my airport tips go?

Another point of contention when it comes to tipping on flights is where the money ends up. It is a difficult thing to know what happens when you contactless tap away your money. As airlines and flight operators do not actively accept tipping on their journeys, it is not something that is regulated specifically, and your money may just end up in a back pocket of a distant CEO. 

It isn’t 100% certain where all tips go. Service charges are often placed into a pot for all the staff to dip in and out of, but even these tips can end up in the general pool, rather than be taken home by your server.

Can I tip my airport transfer/taxi service?

The airport transfer is one of the most alien experiences of any new trip. As soon as you roll along the tarmac of a new city, a fresh landscape opens up. After your flight, no matter how long, you are seeking the solace of your accommodation. 

Fortunately, airport transfers are on hand to take you directly to that slightly confusing address which you’ve hastily printed off and shown to the driver in the hope they know the quickest or most direct route to your temporary base.

Depending on where you’re flying to, taxi fares can be inflated compared with those in the city – it’s easy to raise the prices for those seeking convenience. However, in some cases your taxi driver will be able to give you help and advice on the local area, inform you of the nearest supermarket, or give you the best place for food when you arrive. 

In addition to this, they may help you with your bags on arrival at your destination, or even help with the hotel check in using their native tongue. 

Taxi drivers will always accept extra tips for their work, and as the transaction is almost exclusively cash based, at least for the moment around the world, you can simply round up the fare. It goes without saying that to make this transaction as safe as possible, you should always agree to a fare before entering the vehicle, as standard fares can jump into astronomical numbers without it being mentioned. 

Taking tips worldwide

Wherever you’re planning on flying to, this guide has hopefully shown you that there are plenty of different ways you can tip and feel comfortable on your next journey. The role of cash is changing fast in many countries and regions, with some now actively discouraging its use due to Covid-19. Now is the time to transition over to a cashless/virtual tipping system like TiPJAR®.

From airport support staff and check-in assistants through to waiting staff and on-board airline cabin crew, you can confidently tackle the confusing world of tipping in aviation. 

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Your International Tipping Guide For France


The Parisian cafes and bars are a mere slice of France’s cultural wealth. From the metropolitan Marseille and the French Riviera to Bordeaux and Nice, it’s little wonder why people flock to its every corner year on year. 

Once settled into your abode, whether that be Paris, Lyon, Lille or Corsica, it is time to head out. Exploring, dining out and journeying in any French city may leave you wondering about tipping. 

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Gratuity in France

Whether you are staying for a short city break, being whisked away on a romantic weekend or you are looking to take a month-long vacation, France is ideal. Like many European destinations, it is primed and ready for tourists. 

Hospitality in France is a big deal. Coq au vin may be one of the most famous foods in the world, but the service accompanying it will likely compete. 

Dining out in France is an experience like no other, but tipping at the end of your meal can seem tricky. To know when and how much you should tip in restaurants, cafes, bars, taxis and hotels, our guide is on hand to help. 

A Quick Guide

Tipping in Restaurants in France

No trip to France is complete without sampling the national cuisine. Soups, entrees, wine and the customary fromage all combine for a rich, delicious and memorable experience. 

France – like many of its European neighbours – does not have a tipping expectancy. 

The best way to tip in France is to consider the service. If you are impressed, try to leave somewhere in the region of 15-20% of your bill in tips. This is a sizeable enough contribution to make your enjoyment clear. If the service was not up to standard, your lack of tip will not be hounded. 

How much tip tip in cafes

Cafes are an integral part of the city and townscapes across France. While sipping on cafe au laits and munching on croissants, you will receive your bill in the same way as a restaurant. 

A little more informal, cafes and their staff are often busy serving a number of people at one time. Rounding up your bill after a morning spent at a café will leave your server with a bonus for their hard work. They are certain to be grateful for the gesture. 

Your Bill in France

Beware not to use hand signals when asking for the bill in France. It is considered rude to wave or beckon a server to the table for the bill. A simple ‘excusez moi’ will suffice to get their attention to ask for the bill. 

Just like in our Italian tipping guide – your bill explains everything. In France you will sometimes receive your bill as you are finishing or have just finished eating. Don’t worry, they are not trying to force you out, the restaurant may just be very busy! 

A service charge is sometimes added to the bill as ‘service compris’ and is usually 15%. This slice of money goes directly to the restaurant owner who is in turn able to pay the servers a salaried wage. If you feel the service deserves more, tipping on top of this will find the pocket of your servers directly. 

It is always worth carrying cash for your bill. While many restaurants and cafes are equipped with card machines, you may find it harder in smaller establishments. 

Tipping for taxi journeys in France

Travelling to Paris’ best destinations may be easy on the metro, but some areas of France demand taxi journeys.

It is important to agree a fee with your taxi driver before the ride. This ensures you are not paying over the top. As tipping is discretionary in France, there is no pressure to leave your taxi driver with a couple of extra euros. 

However, some taxi drivers will go the extra mile. If they carry your bags to the car or give you recommendations for restaurants near your hotel, you may feel they are deserving of a tip in addition to the fare. 

Tour guides and tipping in France

The staple of any city break is the tour. Hop on hop off buses, bike tours, walking tours and even wine tours are prevalent across France. 

Paid and free tours differ in terms of tipping. When do I tip my walking tour guide? How much do they want? 

Free walking tours in France are available in cities across the country. The tour guides are usually English speaking natives or people that have lived in the city for a while. They rely solely on their tips – and it should be noted beforehand that they don’t walk around with card machines, so bring cash.  

Many tour guides – and their websites – will give you an idea of how much their standard tip is. Go above or below depending how you feel the tour was, but also do not feel obliged should the guide not be up to standard. 

Should I tip my hotel staff?

Your hotel is the chance to rest and recharge your batteries. Its bar, restaurant and the various staff you meet during your stay give you plenty of chances to tip. 

Again, these opportunities are not obliged. You do not need to tip, but if the service deserves it go for it. If someone goes out of their way to help you, this may be cause for a tip. Housekeepers for longer stays may be deserving of a few euros as a tip.

Tipping when in France’s Atlantic and Pacific Ocean islands

Tipping in France is relatively simple – it’s all discretionary! However, some things do change slightly if you find yourself in one of France’s overseas territories. 

The culture in French Polynesia, for example, means that tipping is not an ordinary practice. The same can be said for French Guiana, Martinique, New Caledonia, Reunion Island and Wallis and Futuna. 

Guadeloupe and St Pierre and Miquelon are slightly different, however. 

In Guadeloupe, hotels and restaurants will often add a service charge. This is between 10-15%. Other than this, you will not be obliged to tip although French expat websites recommend leaving 10% on each bill to support the economies of these overseas territories. 

The latter is situated off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, and therefore most establishments will expect a tip – as is the way in North America. It is generally accepted to add 20% to your bills in restaurants, cafes and bars when in Canada – which is much like the United States tipping wise.

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How Get More Tips With TiPJAR


Having a virtual TiPJAR Account is an excellent and forward-thinking way to take your tips online. 

TiPJAR is a transparent way of collecting, transferring, distributing and receiving tips via QR codes, digital URLS, TAP TO TIP technology and pay at table integrations not just QR codes.

You won’t have to worry about having to manually count and distribute tips ever again when using TiPJAR. Offering staff their fair share of tips makes TiPJAR an awesome choice for many businesses such as restaurants, salons and any other tip receiving hobby or business.

Staff can feel confident they get their fair share whilst managers and operators have one less thing to worry about. Tip management is going to become a breeze.

How to create a virtual TiPJAR account

Creating an Personal TiPJAR account could not be simpler. Simply sign up and follow the steps given to set up a virtual TiPJAR account. You will then receive a unique QR code which customers or friends can scan to leave a tip!

Businesses just need to book a demo with our team, we do the rest!

How Can I Get More Tips in TiPJAR?

Easy To Market

The great thing about having a digital TiPJAR account, is that you automatically get a QR code, which you can plaster everywhere inside key customer contact points within your venue.

You can really do some free marketing on this one, the more visible your QR code is around your business, the more likely people are to see it, making it as easy as possible for them to leave a tip for your team.



Place them everywhere

QR codes are also versatile. You could get more tips in TiPJAR by placing your QR code in strategic or unique places around your business. A common place is menus for bill receipts for hospitality businesses.

Or why not considering putting a QR code for your TiPJAR as a sticker on the table? Placing it in obvious places that customers will be and are likely to see it is a great way to get more tips.

Great customer service

Nobody is going to want to tip  if they don’t receive excellent customer service. They are after all paying money for a product or service, and many people will want their money’s worth.

Being friendly, offering attentive customer care and looking after your customers is a great way to get more tips in tip jar. This could be taking the extra time to chat to your customers more or simply holding the door for a customer.

People are much more likely to tip if they have had a great customer experience. Don’t forget that ear to ear smile whenever you’re with them!

Perfect Products

An easy way to get more tips in TiPJAR is by offering a great product or service. If your business is a restaurant, for example, then ensure that the food or drink served is up to the customer’s high standards, is well presented and, of course, absolutely delicious.

A customer will tip more often if they have received a great product or service.

By implementing these simple things, you can easily get more well-deserved tips into your TiPJAR account. Use these top tipping tips and you can hope to see an increase in tips to reward your staff.

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Papa John’s Joins The Tipping Revolution!


We’ve been keeping this news under wraps for a long time!

We’re so excited to announce we’ve officially partnered with Papa John’s UK to bring fair and transparent tipping to their teams!

TiPJAR exists to help tipped workers earn more and ensure 100% of tips go directly to staff, so we’re really excited to welcome over 5000 new users across over 400 sites to our platform though this partnership.

We are proud to support Papa John’s as industry pioneers, providing a fairer way for the company’s team members to earn more money and an easy way for customers to say: ‘thank you’ for great pizza and service at the same time.

Papa John’s is the first large food franchise we have worked with, and this collaboration proves that hospitality is evolving towards a more fair industry that promotes employee support and transparency surrounding tips.

By using QR Codes, digital links and an in-app integration, customers can leave a tip via the Papa John’s order tracker, email confirmations, in-store posters and even stickers on pizza boxes.

Justin Gilbert, senior Operations Director Papa John’s UK commented “Cash transactions are reducing and as a brand we wanted to address the issue of tipping in the fairest way possible as we grow to support our valued teams. Following a successful trial over the past year in 20 of our stores across the UK, we are now investing in a phased roll-out of TiPJAR for the benefit of all our team members. It’s a great way for our customers to show their gratitude and means they know tips are going straight to those who’ve just hand-made, baked and delivered their favourite Papa John’s pizza.”

This amazing partnership is a huge testament to our amazing team, but most specifically to our Head Of Customer Success, Anita Bodis, who had worked tirelessly over the last year to ensure a successful trial, ultimately leading to this amazing news. 

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TiPJAR’s Crowdfunding Success


TiPJAR Crowdcube Raise

And now the real hard work begins!

That’s a wrap on our second Crowdcube raise where 1180 amazing humans invested their hard-earned cash in our mission to bring fair and transparent tipping to the globe! Our team is incredibly overwhelmed and beyond grateful for your support.

This raise went far beyond our expectation… 336% overfunded at over £1.3M raised. Wow. You have no idea what this means for TiPJAR. The results of this raise proves that the world is changing their perception of the industry, and are finally seeing the desperate need for transparency surrounding tips. Our dedication to this cause is why so many have chosen to invest in our business. We couldn’t be more proud of all that our team in the UK, US and EU have achieved in such a short space of time.

The public’s passion towards the industry is evident here: to create a better world for the workers frothing that amazing cappuccino, shaking that classy classic martini, cooking that mind-blowing vegan duck pancake, cutting that perfect fierce fringe, cleaning that super king size room. We do this all for you.

These funds will really help us continue to invest in our platform, and enable us to invest more into our US Team as well as turbo charge our trajectory for expansion across the globe.

We are humbled by the belief of so many in our mission to make tipping fairer and more transparent for staff. Thank you.

If you missed out, you can enter your details here to be the first to hear about our next raise:

Watch our Crowdfunding Video:

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Bonjour TiPJAR France!


That’s right – we’ve just launched TiPJAR® France! We can’t tell you how exciting it is to see our amazing platform in it’s first ever foreign language. 

We’ve been keeping this on the down-low, but we’re so excited to finally be able to welcome the French community to the Tipping Revolution! 

We’ve also been lucky enough to welcome an amazing new person to the TiPJAR® Team:

Introducing Andrea:

Our new Head of TiPJAR® France! With many years of hospitality at his young age, Andrea has been through it all. From bartending and waitering to becoming a well established restaurant Manager across Europe, he truly understands the challenge TiPJAR® is solving from all aspects. After combining his skills and business background, he introduced himself in the Tech Industry and strives to contribute to change, development and large ramp-ups amongst projects he truly believes in. From being a Facebook Manager in Barcelona to Youshow’s CTO, Andrea is now on the mission to bring TiPJAR® to France and make a difference in the world of Tipping.

Translating an entire platform is no joke, but we ALSO have a brand new shiny French website to show off.

We’ve got some big plans for TiPJAR® France, already live in several locations!

Now, both hospitality workers and individuals alike can sign up to get a TiPJAR® account in France. We are on a global mission to help tipped workers in the emerging cashless society, to help businesses reward and best motivate their staff, and to help customers say thank you for great service.

We are dedicated to becoming the world’s leading tipping solution, and this is just another small step towards our goal.

We’re so excited that we are really starting to expand across the globe – already having launched in the UK, USA, Ireland and now France all in a very short space of time!

Where do you think is next?

You can follow our adventures in France by following us on Linkedin and our French Instagram.

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We’re Giving One Lucky Team A £1000 Tip!


It’s no secret that hospitality has had a very tough year. So, to celebrate indoor hospitality being back open, and the return to some normality –  we’ve decided we’re going to leave a massive tip to be shared amongst one team across the UK!

Over the last 14 months or so – bartenders, servers, general managers, chefs and operators have been subjected to multiple frenzies of reopening and then closing again. People have lost their jobs, and lost their belief in the industry with many moving on to more “reliable” sectors. 

So, to all you strong, passionate hospitality beings – we want to give back, and spread some good vibes and love around the industry.

TiPJAR® exists to help tipped workers earn more, so what a better way to spread the love than with a random mega tip?! 

We’ll be randomly selecting one venue voted for by the public in the UK to win a £1000 tip!

So, here’s how you can get your favourite venue nominated:
  • Head over to our Instagram and tag your favourite restaurant/bar/pub/cafe on one of our £1000 tip posts to enter them into the draw.
  • Each tag counts as a new entry (So the more nominations your venue recieves, the better their chances!)
  • The venue must follow @wearetipjar on Instagram to qualify
  • The venue gets bonus points for tagging their team in the comments!
  • For an extra entry, the venue is encouraged to share #TipOurTeam and tag @TiPJAR_Tweets on Twitter.

We’re really hoping this can bring the sense of community back to the industry, and hopefully show venues how much the public love them.

This is just one of many ways we are working to help the industry bounce back. 

If you are keen to help in other ways, you can donate to our Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund, OR leave a tip for a random team with TiPJAR®.

Good luck with reopening, and may the most deserving team win!

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Hospitality Against Homelessness


ONLY A PAVEMENT AWAY is an important charity that provides support to individuals in vulnerable positionsby helping them find job opportunities within the hospitality industry. Since 2018, they have not only supported but changed the lives of 77 members and plan on expanding this to 700 members across the next 3 years.   

To take part in this scheme, candidates must be either facing homelessness, be an ex-offender, or have served in the militaryPeople in these positions are often struggling to find work, leaving them in hard situations that contributes to need and existence of living on the streets 

The process involves 4 easy steps:

  • The charity will register candidates onto an OAPA Jobs Board.
  • The charity responds to the employers on behalf of the candidates.
  • The candidate will then take part in an interview.
  • Once employed, the charity and OAPA provides a 12-month support network.  


Well-known brands such as Bills, BrewdogGreene KingHonest Burgers and many more have partnered up with Only A Pavement Away to help provide employment opportunities to those who need it the most 

How Can We Help?

Like Only A Pavement Away we are passionate about making a change and helping individuals regain control over their circumstances. With an aim to make dreams become a reality, by simply clicking on the button below you can donate through TiPJAR® to help make a difference 

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Live in Ireland!


After successful 6-month trial, and thousands of tips, we are now fully live and ready to welcome teams and individuals across the Irish community to the tipping revolution! 

Now, both hospitality workers and individuals alike can sign up to get a TiPJAR® account in Ireland. We’d like to thank those that took (& are continuously taking) part in our Ireland beta trial.

We are so excited that we can now help hospitality workers, beauty professionals, musicians and all tipped workers in Ireland earn more.

Are you based in Ireland?